The watch exhibition was held at the Shanghai West Bund Art Center from September 9th to 13th. The exhibition strictly complies with the preparation and holding of safety and epidemic prevention measures, and continues the previous invitation system of SIHH and W & W. The LAB laboratory in the innovation display area will present the latest projects and technologies of the participating brands. Champagne, drinks and coffee are still preserved in the exhibition, and the bar screen live broadcasts the announcements of the brands. Of course, the caviar, black truffle and ham used in the Geneva Watch Exhibition have been replaced with Chinese-style dandan noodles, beef and fish, but the method and ingredients still maintain a sense of refinement. Pernod Ricard’s premium membership-only private club, Le Cercle, was unveiled with the charm of time as the theme of the exhibition. PANERAI Panerai not only extended the warranty of the commemorative watch to 70 years to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Luminor, but also hosted a grand green fluorescent party.

Deconstructing the light of cheetah lines – CARTIER

CARTIER’s exhibition hall is like a boutique full of conceptual art, and it is the largest exhibition hall in this exhibition. The “Xunyu Fangyuantiandi” outlined in the light and shadow shows Pasha de Cartier; the gentlemanly elegant theme mens watches Australia area with dark wood walls and geometric light streaks, with the parallelogram design of the new Tank Asymétrique watch, and the same The brand-new Santos series watches in the region together highlight the “Legend of Discovery Pioneer”; the iconic cheetah spot gilding decorates the white wall, and the window area that subtly echoes the works of the Cheetah is the embodiment of “Xunyu exquisite craftsmanship”.

The square minute track, four Arabic numeral hour markers, and round dial are the essence of Cartier’s new Pasha de Cartier watch in 2020. And the watch case also has many small ingenuities. For example, the crown inlaid with blue spinel or sapphire adopts a chain design, and personalized custom letters can be engraved under it. There is also the QuickSwitch strap replacement system, which allows a variety of straps to be replaced by pressing the button on the back of the case.

The Tank Asymétrique watch equipped with a hand-wound movement refined by the 1917MC workshop connects the upper and lower parallel lugs with two oblique edges, and the digital hour markers are offset by 30 degrees to the right. For this reason, the Arabic numerals and the divided hour markers all pass Redesign. Available in 18K rose gold models with gray dial and strap, 18K gold models with champagne dial and brown strap, platinum models with silver dial, cabochon ruby crown and gray strap. Each is limited to 100 pieces and numbered.

The Ronde Louis Cartier straw gold craftsmanship inlaid watch, which shows the master craftsmanship, delicately interprets the 11 colors of the cheetah on the dial with 75 straws. The leopard head is made of more than 65 kinds of materials made of 18K white gold, 18K gold and 18K rose gold, which are carved and shaped one by one by a fine inlayer and satin-finished. The 18K gold filaments are inlaid between the straws, and the leopard fur and leopard orders are vividly reproduced with enamel. The overall pattern is rich and saturated, just like an oil painting. Watch how Cartier master craftsman completed this work of art on this “canvas”.

Can not ride the wind but also break the waves remotely – IWC

IWC has set up 2020 as the year of Portugal that shows the spirit of sailing. Coming to the IWC exhibition hall is like entering a luxury yacht, and the exquisite living objects displayed inside seem to enjoy American life. If it were not for the public area, I would really like to pretend to be with champagne in my left hand and cigar in my right hand, watching the reflections and years of life passing down the side.

In the exhibition hall there is also the Cyberloupe, a black-tech smart loupe, which integrates the watchmaker’s loupe, high-definition camera and network connection, and transmits the image that the watchmaker sees in real time to the remote screen, making watch lovers Get an insight into the inner world of the watch movement in an unprecedented interactive way. Visitors can even see the operation of the balance wheel and small circular pendulum, and feel the heart beating of the mechanical watch up close.

The new Portuguese series entered the Chinese market on time and earlier this year. At the watch exhibition, IWC brought the Portuguese classic timepiece series with a stainless steel womens watches bracelet for the first time, with a stainless steel case, a silver-plated dial and blue hands. And applied hour markers. Inside is the brand-made 69355 chronograph movement, and the efficient two-way pawl winding system provides 46 hours of power reserve. The polished and brushed bracelet is matched with a butterfly-style folding watch, which is smooth and comfortable to wear. Although the new stainless steel bracelet can fit all the new IWC Portuguese series chronograph watches, I personally strongly recommend that you wear an extra woven leather strap that is only available in specialty stores! It looks really good! Not expensive! Have character!

In addition, IWC also brought the Portuguese series of nautical elite chronographs “Orlebar Brown” special edition launched in cooperation with the famous luxury casual clothing designer brand Orlebar Brown. The watch is designed in sea blue with full personality.

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