One of the easiest, least expensive businesses that anyone can venture into is the house and office cleaning company. It is a great business and you can make a lot of money without the usual large investments that most other businesses require. However, like all businesses, it does require that you have PATIENCE and PERSISTENCE and the “1 WILL BE SUCCESSFUL ATTITUDE”.

Opportunities Of Cleaning Services Businesses

All you need to do is look in any and every direction. There are thousands of stores, offices, homes, restaurants, banks, buildings of every description and construction sites, etc. THEY ALL HAVE TWO THINGS IN COMMON. THEY ALL GET DIRTY AND THEY ALL NEED SOMEONE TO CLEAN THEM.

The experience you get will help you decide. That is nothing you need to be concerned about now. Some of the many phases that are available are: WINDOW WASHING, HOUSE CLEANING, MAID SERVICE, CONSTRUCTION SITE CLEAN-UP, OFFICE CLEANING, ETC. I tried all of them and all of them are very good, but the easiest for me was small office cleaning and there is where I found my niche. Whether it is window cleaning or office cleaning or some other, you will find your niche as well.

Office and House Cleaning Services

The office and house janitorial business are a service. It caters to other companies or people that don’t have the time or willing clean by themselves. They might rather employ somebody to do cleaning for them.

No Standard Manpower Requirement

The office and house cleaning business can be operated by a single individual satisfied with being his or her own boss, or it can be a large corporation employing many people, or it can be anywhere in between. The potential that exists is enormous and Is limited only by ones desire and imagination. It is not very difficult to find and employ individuals on a part time cleaning basis if and whenever the occasion should arise.

We operated as a two-person team but there were times when we needed extra help, and getting the extra help wasn’t any problem. Family members are the first place to look for extra help. They will work hard and ask for little, because they will want you to succeed.

Experience of Different Type of Sites

I mentioned that there are many different phases of the Janitorial business that you can get Into. I also said that we settled into small office cleaning. Let me tell you why; we tried window washing, we did not care for it because It was heavily dependent on the weather and besides that none of us liked to work from heights; it also requires special equipment if you wanted to clean the windows in taller buildings.

We tried construction site cleaning, the money was good but unless you can handle some heavy lifting and don’t mind being out in the weather, try something else. We tried house cleaning, again the money was very good but some homeowners are Just never satisfied.

Supermarkets and large department stores can be very lucrative also, but they require a crew of people and some very large equipment, such as sweeping and polishing machines, because generally the bulk of the cleaning that you do is on hard tile or terrazzo floors.

We settled on cleaning small offices. This one phase of the Janitorial service business was best suited for us at the time. We cleaned law offices, real estate offices, dental, medical and laboratories. Small offices are a snap to keep clean, and they are every-where so that getting accounts isn’t very difficult.

Soon after soliciting and getting many varied offices to clean, we decided that the best of what we were cleaning were doctor’s offices. We found these offices are generally smaller than most. Some other good reasons why we settled on doctor’s offices were the doctor’s hours. They generally had one day off during the week and they seldom had office hours on the weekend. And as a bonus they always paid their bills on time. But remember this is the way it was for us, you may find that cleaning supermarkets or another phase is better suited for you.

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